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While Beck Taxi’s unrivalled commitment to its customers is already well known, our drivers are truly the backbone of our success. Drivers are on the frontlines of the taxicab industry, and we see the people at the wheel of Beck taxis as our brand ambassadors. Our drivers, and the exceptional service they provide, are instrumental in attracting and retaining our loyal customer base. At Beck Taxi, we understand this critical link between driver and customer and as such, we place tremendous value on each of the drivers in the Beck Taxi community.

First Centennial Taxi Training Course Rolls Out

Centennial College rolled out its taxi driver training program on Monday, October 17, 2016, which involves workshops that give new drivers valuable lessons in customer service, cultural sensitivity, disabilities awareness and mapping, as well as a day of defensive driving training in a vehicle. Beck Taxi is the only Toronto brokerage to make this training mandatory for any driver licensed since May 4, 2016, when the City of Toronto cancelled its own training. [Click here to Read More]

To register for the Beck Taxi Driver’s Course at Centennial College, please visit: www.centennialcollege.ca/taxi-driver-training 

Hit the Road with Taxi Driver Training – In an era where anyone can get a license to drive a taxi, there’s a need for good, well-trained Toronto taxi drivers, which is where Centennial College comes in. [Click here to Read More]

Become a driver

Beck welcomes all drivers once you are licensed by the City of Toronto. For more information about licensing, click here.

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Meet Emmanuel

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