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Fun Facts

Does Beck have an app?

You bet we do – download our amazing app for iPhone or Android and discover how convenient and easy it is to use! Did we mention, you can pay through the app too?

Why are the Beck Taxi colours orange and green?

In 1967, founder Jim Beck chose this unique colour combination to stand out on GTA roads.

How many phone call orders does Beck Taxi receive each day?

Approximately 30,000.

How many Beck's are dispatched in a year?

Beck dispatches over 8.5 million orders a year, not including street hails.

How many Beck taxi cabs are on the road at any one time?

There are between 1500-2000 Beck taxi cabs on GTA roads at any given time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Is this reflected at Beck Taxi?

Over 90 languages are spoken at Beck Taxi, between drivers, dispatchers, call-takers, and other staff.

About Beck Taxi

Beck Taxi is an iconic part of the city of Toronto. Founded in 1967 by Jim Beck, the distinctive orange and green colours of Beck are instantly recognizable, citywide. With the largest fleet in the city, you can be assured there will always be a Beck Taxi available in your area, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. At Beck Taxi, our hospitality and professionalism are top priorities, as is our goal of providing service of the highest quality.

Beck Taxi remains a family run business. Today, Jim’s daughter, Gail Beck-Souter, carries on the tradition of excellent service. Ms. Beck-Souter’s leadership and attention to detail have made Beck Taxi the largest and most successful taxicab company in Canada. With over 2000 taxis operated by our professionally trained drivers, Beck gives you the peace of mind of knowing that when you call us, you’ll get where you want, when you want.

Experience what Beck Taxi has to offer and find out for yourself how we always manage to exceed expectations.

Beck Gives Back

At Beck, we believe that giving back isn’t just a good thing to do, it’s one of the most important things we can do. We are a proud Toronto family-run business and we focus on programs that work to better our city of Toronto. Programs that work to create cleaner air, more public green space and we support NGOs working towards a better Toronto through education, cancer research and drunk driving campaigns.

We are proud to announce our new program: Beck Gives Back.

If you have a local cause that helps Torontonians please send us an email and tell us about it.

BullfrogPowered 10 years

Beck has been proudly choosing 100% green energy with BullfrogPower since 2007.

General Inquiries

What options does the Beck Fleet offer?

While we are proud to offer the largest fleet in the city, we have never lost sight of what’s most important – the customer. To meet the diverse needs of our customer base, we are able to provide:

  • Standard cars
  • Vans for group pick-ups (5-6 people)
  • Wheelchair accessible taxi service

How do I get a job at Beck Taxi?

How do I send feedback to Beck Taxi?

Rates & Accounts

How do Beck Taxi’s rates compare with the competition?

All taxicab companies, Beck Taxi included, are on an even playing field as the City of Toronto sets the current metered rate used throughout the industry. It is our premium service that sets us apart from our competitors.

To view a copy of the Taxicab Passengers’ Bill of Rights card, which can be found on the back of all Beck Taxi driver seats, please click here: Taxi cab Passenger Bill of Rights

What are the current rates set by the city of Toronto?

By distance: One to four passengers
For first .155 km, or part thereof $3.25
For each additional .143 or part thereof $0.25
For each thirty-one (29) seconds of waiting while under engagement $0.25

How much does it cost to go to the airport?

Call 416.751.5555 or Toll Free at 1.877.883.BECK (2325) to get an instant, no-hassle quote and/or flat rate from your pick-up location to Toronto Pearson International Airport and Toronto Island Airport.

Does Beck Taxi offer flat rates?

Although we are an industry regulated by the City of Toronto, Beck Taxi can provide flat rates for parcels, airport runs and out-of-town destinations.

Setting up a personal account?

For convenience, you may wish to set up a personal account. We are happy to facilitate this.

Does Beck Taxi offer corporate accounts?

We offer corporate, government, insurance, and personal accounts to meet all your needs. New accounts will be processed within five (5) business days, however we do our best to accommodate all rush requests, if so specified. If you would rather speak with us directly about setting up your account, please call our Accounts Manager at 416.751.7423 ext. 2482.

Does Beck Taxi offer gift certificates?

For a unique gift idea, consider Beck Taxi Gift Certificates. These are a thoughtful way for event organizers to show that they care, by providing their guests with a safe way home.

How can Beck Taxi help with my special event?

If you are planning a function, large or small, we can help with all your transportation requirements.

For large events, consider hiring a Beck Taxi on-site supervisor to add a touch of elegance. Our professional, uniformed supervisor will not only ensure a steady flow of taxis to service your event, but will also assist all guests into and out of our taxis.

Please contact Beck Taxi for more information about hiring an on-site supervisor for your next event.